Solsbury Hill

Without a doubt, most any member of the Church of Peter Gabriel would love to make a pilgrimage to Solsbury Hill. It's an even bigger deal if you don't live in Britain. I made the pilgrimage in 1990, entirely by accident.  I didn't even know it was a real place.  I just happened to go to Bath.


While I was looking around the Roman Baths there, I saw a reference to "Little Solsbury Hill."  Aha!  After consulting a map, I managed to find the place.  It took a bus ride and some walking, but nothing strenuous.

The map I consulted

It's very peaceful, and there's a great view.  In case you're wondering, that concrete pillar is monumentation for surveying purposes.

I didn't see any eagles at all.  I did see lots of cows, though.  It made me wonder--was PG actually approached by a cow, and not an eagle?  "Guernsy mooed out of the night,"  "Today I don't need a replacement/I've got a big milk cow in my basement..."  I guess it just doesn't sound as good that way, does it?

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