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Well, here it is, the reason for my few minutes of fame.  Yes, The Church of Peter Gabriel was actually mentioned in the Times Magazine on June 10, 2000.  Which pleased the Church administration no end.  And, having read the interview, we hereby declare that we're no longer taking hair comments.  I'm going to make the last one myself right now--I'm not a huge fan of the bald stage, or the five o'clock shadow stage, but I emphatically approve of soft and fuzzy.

In the meantime, these folks all belong on Solsbury Hill's Hey Jealousy list.

Ann says:  Sure, bald men give off pheremones.  But those are naturally bald men!  And shaving  your head because you're going to go bald eventually is like killing yourself because you'll die someday!

Beth J. says:  Dear Peter Gabriel, we have followed your career for years, and listened to your music as it grew and developed, savoring its maturity and complexity as you grow older. But your cutting all your hair off sends a discordant note. There's nothing wrong with aging; and there's even less wrong with aging gracefully. Also, shaving your head must take up a lot of time, time that would be better suited for you to pursue your many projects!

Djdiscod says:Peter is obviously going through some type of period in his life where he feels very insecure about losing his hair. Regardless of what his fans think he will probably not grow hair for quite some time. I could go further into this but I think we all know that he will probably do as he pleases. Anyway, if this will help him get the new album done sooner then, all the better!

 We should all concentrate on a scheme to get the message to peter that his work is all that matters. Personally I don't care if he has hair or not. Just as long as the next album is within our lifetime. Ours because you believe that he is immortal.

Patricia says: Whatever, dude.

Leslie says:  Forget the hair. It's the voice and the mind behind it that counts.

Luke says:  I don't think we should question what we could never comprehend.

Michelle says: I just thought I'd put in my two cents on the hair issue. I love him, hair or no, I just worry that his head will get cold and somehow sloooooooow down production on UP even more! ;-) Peter can, (and I'm sure will) do whatever he wants with his hair. I just hope he wears a cap or something to keep the creative juices flowing! ;-)

What The Solsbury Hill Committee says: This comment was comprehensive enough for its own page.

Sid6.7 says: At the risk of being a bit too spiritual on the subject, I must add to the previous comments by stating that I could really care less about Peter's hair. The MUSIC and the MAN are what matter. Peter is and always will be a powerfully beautiful person. With or without hair. I adored him when he was a brat and I adore him now. Besides, I think he looks as cuddly as a teddy. I've always been attracted to the brilliant work the man produces not his appearance. Okay, a little... :)

Evelyne says: Boy, does that subject ever stir a lot of talk!Hey Peter, why don't you dye your hair a different color too! That would have us fans, talking for a good couple of years while waiting for your new album!:-)

Avec ou sans, Petit ou grand, Jeune ou vieux, Jaune ou bleu, Blanc ou noir, N'importe les deux...

Manuel says: I know! The fact that we (Peter and moi) both have "exposed" our rounded tops have nothing to do with the scornful dismissal of a body growth that is gradually deserting us. It's head nudism!

Patricia says:  I was inspired by the thoughts of the solsbury coffee pundits to make another comment here. A guy at work, (who confessed his solo practitioner membership in the Church), stated that many years ago he saw Peter in concert. At that time he came out on stage in a green body suit thing, wearing a 'daisy' headdress. You know, with his face poking out of the middle, petals all around... I then recalled Peter's 'muscle mania' phase, his weird eye and face make-up in 'Shock the Monkey', his melting facial features on an early album cover... and I thought, you know, this guy enjoys looking REALLY weird. Maybe 'normal' balding was just too, well, normal. Maybe his REAL intention is, in fact, to look exactly like A GIANT THUMB. And who knows, maybe one of the cuts on his new album will be titled... 'Thumb' or 'Carpet Thumb' or 'Shaking the Thumb' or "In Your Thumb' or...

Mike says: Let me take you back a few years.(intruder tour at the uptown theater in Chicago) or perhaps Security tour same venue. Pounding bass drums from somewhere...don`t know! Louder and louder they became...still no Gabriel. A thousand butterflies waiting to take flight from my body.boom boom...boom boom. From the back of the theater came a bright light. All wearing drums of sorts(and beating them loudly) the group of shiney headed men made their way to the stage. Hey Smitty! It`s Tony Levin but where is Peter among those guys? As the smoke on the stage began to clear a voice bellowed ' looking out the window.....I see the red dust clear." Hair, no did`nt matter... it`s Peter Gabriel . That voice; that mystique; that energy. Hey fans. It`s what`s inside the head that matters. mike(a first time web user here on christmas eve ) merry christmas everyone and thanks maybe for reading this.

Smitty says: Thanks, Mike, for taking me back to the Uptown Theatre (June 26, 1980)...yowsa! I lost five pounds that night due to perspiration! As for Peter's pate (and my opinion is in no way influenced by the absence of hair on my own...), who are we to speculate why? Peter Brian Gabriel is an inspired poet and minstrel, and a highly visible arm of social conscience. But he is also an entertainer. The first time I saw this man perform, he was 24 years old, sporting what would have been a full youthful mane, had he not shaved a path down the middle of it. "Looks are deceptive, but distinctions are clear..." This is show biz folks - sit back and enjoy it!

Christian says:   Yes, i admit when i saw Peter's bald head for the first time I was a bit "surprised", but I cannot believe that so many of you are making a fuss of it. None but the man himself knows the true motive for recent shavings, but here is my theory on the matter: all of us change, and sometimes when we feel a bit creatively stifled a physical alteration helps to stir things up a bit. Drastically changing your appearance tends to make you feel like a brand new person and helps you to be a continually evolving individual. I'm sure Mr. Gabriel has no insecurities regarding his physical appearance knowing that the body is just a disposable shell that the soul inhabits for a short period, and I am sure he has many more "surprises" in store for us in the near future. If Peter fancies his new dome, maybe it's something we should all look into ourselves, like the Hare Krishnas, but far more esoteric.

Marc Says:  Peter, do what you want, as long as you are feeling good. We are listening to the singer in you and looking at your art ! We do not care how you look like. I do not like your 70's look, but I appreciate what you have done. Don't worry ... if you are happy in your head !

Mathias says:  Peter if You get this or not, this is probably the closest I would ever come to You.  I don' t need to say how good and important Your work is.... And I don't need anything special from You accept that which You already gave to me....Music with the big M. Somehow between the lines, not knowing, You changed my life and gave it a new meaning.... You teached me to play and understand music better as I did before.... And all I can say is thank You. I hope i will be so fortunate to meet You some day....

Billy-D says:  Like what I say will make difference in Peter's hair or as if he would even care.Keep it up Peter,we will be patient pilgrams,long live the "Joie de vie!"


NotR says: Got no hair? We don't care. Just so long as you play and play.

Kathryn says: I totally agree with Patricia! And quite a few others who point out that "normal" or "natural" balding is not in Peter's agenda of maturing. This fellow has *never* wanted to be counted as "normal!" Besides, my favorite picture of him was taken at an Amnesty International concert in Chile in the 80's. It's a B&W shot of a pensive Peter beneath one spotlight, with a shaved head. I love that picture. Also, PBG is a spiritual guy. This 'do is rather appropriate-sort of like a Buddhist priest's.

Rraven says:  I thought PG looked and sounded great at the Oscars. He still is the sexiest man in the world. I'm really into the bald look now--especially when he smiles--ESPECIALLY when he smiles AND blinks--he kinda looks like a guinea pig now--very cuddly, very sweet. Of course, if he decided to permenantly graft a fedora on his scalp I'd still turn to jelly when he looks my way--hair or no hair, doesn't matter. It was like when I met him and he was in his touseled little sandlas, socks, shorts and crooked collar--sure, it's more easy to be wowed by him when he's in a tux, but is it really the man or the tux you're being wowed by? Is it the man or his hairstyle? After I met him in Box, I knew it was the man.

Amy says:  If I remember correctly, the last few times PG was working on an album, he did different things with his hair. Recall...oh those many years ago...when US was about to be released? He had grown out his hair shoulder-length. (Not my fave look for him, but he's the one that has to brush it.) Maybe...juuuuuust maybe...he went the opposite route this time?? ('s gotta be a lot easier to get up & out in the morning for him!) I have a feeling we'll be seeing the old PG hair come back by the time he tours. Which...hopefully will be within our lifetimes!

Patricia says: I'm with peter, it beats waking up with major bed head. If this new style saves him time, time spent on his new album "UP" then I say we should all shave our heads in solidarity! (just kidding) (SMILE)

Rsteck says:  I'm with peter, it beats waking up with major bed head. If this new style saves him time, time spent on his new album "UP" then I say we should all shave our heads in solidarity! (just kidding)


Carolineg1 says:  You know, he might not be shaving his head due to hair loss anxiety. He might just be doing an image change kinda thing. But just in case... OK, this is to ALL the men in the world who are worried about losing their hair: Stop worrying about it! Let nature take its course. Think about it: men lose their hair because they have male hormones, so hair loss is actually a sign of masculinity. I'd like to think I speak for all attractive single women above the age of thirty. Shun the dreaded comb-over, consider not Propecia (side effects include sexual dysfunction). Do I even have to address the head-rug issue? (shudder) We still think you're attractive without hair. (Unless you're trying to date women 20 years younger than you, in which you should take a hard look at  your pedophilic tendencies) So get over it.

WWJD8019 says:  it doesn't matter whether or not he has hair or not, yes i think he looks better with hair but it his hair & he should do whatever pleases him, it's his heart that's important, not hair love you peter GOD bless GOD LOVES YOU, PETER

me says: I don't know what folks are talking about, I stumbeld across this site, and thought I'd leave a message. So you're bald? Big fat hairy deal! Men bald, women sag, as we grow older we begin to look all like one another. It's not the looks, but the incredibly passionate, deeply moving voice that has rocked my world. Thank you for your music, your humanitarian and evironmental efforts, and for the thrill and xcitement of songs only you would think of.  And, unless you're hiring no talent bipolar lunatics, who don't know much about anything, then I guess it's ciao! Thanks!

PS  If mr Gabriel wants to shave his head, cool! There's nothing worse than a combover anyway! LOL! Look, he's aging, like all folks do if they are lucky enough to live so long. maybe he could wear a rug and make folks happy, but that would suck eggs. I know hearing aids and glasses suck, so a rug would too. He could get trasnsplants, but do we all want to play a part in vanity? Vanity sux! Vanity is why girls become anorexic, and people get implants and plastic surgery and kill themselves to look good. I for one, am guilty, I am overweight and still want to lose that weight to be acceptedrather than accept myself and perhaps lose the weight anyway! Get my point? WHy not appreciate the fact that the guy is ballsy enough to go au ntaurelle and crop his hair rather than hide a receding hairline? Peace!

vcwills says:

Peter, oh, I love you so.

But really, did it have to go?

Your hair beguiled me, oh, so much,

Shaved in shapes

Or 60s long,

A thing I always longed to touch.

"I need perspective,"

You said once,

A retrospective,

Shows I'm no dunce.

Bring back your hair,

Let that be your will,

And release UP

While I breathe still.

Nicholas says:  Dear Peter,

Your hair is not important to me. I will always listen to your music. I like the way you are always changing. Your not constant. Your like flowing water. Keep flowing because life is like moving waters. I like discovering your latest change.

Jai Guru Dev,


P. S. Digging in the dirt

miamarvel says:  Just a comment to CarolineG1; So what if he wants to date women that are 20 years younger than him? they would be around 30! What's wrong with that?! I would go out with a bald 50 year old man if I knew that he had somthing IN his head even if he didn't have anything On it. Basta.

Prawn32 says:  Dude, the Mr.Clean thing was one of the best things you possibly could have done, as it was for you guitarist friend.

I have your POV video (which is really cool), and in it can be observed one of the sorriest doo disasters I've ever seen. David Rhodes--he's a great musician, but this is just inexcusable: It appears that he was severely balding, and had combed his remaining hairs forward, holding the group of hairs onto his dome with a pair of headphones. Ach! Thankfully, once the Secret World tour rolled around, he had given up and shaved it totally. And it looked great; hip, cute, and easy to manage.

Some people may believe that you could have had a hair transplant. Not true-- John Cleese has had two, and they have resulted in a very nice, neat comb-over, perfect for a 60-year-old lecturer/actor/writer. But that simply will not do for a rock musician. So keep the Wallace thing going, man!

Sandy says:  Personally I think shaven heads are wonderful.

Kris Nelson says:  Dear Peter:    Heh, yes, try some hair oh holiest of Real World Monks!!! Best Wishes for the Future!

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