Numerology is based on the idea that names hold the essence of the person or thing so named, and also on the idea that numbers are at the heart of the structure of the universe. In numerology, each letter in the alphabet corresponds to a number (there are several different systems for making the correspondences).  You take your name and add all the numbers up, reducing them to a single digit.  The various results are supposed to say things about your life, and who you are as a person.  If you believe this, then to change your name is to change your destiny. You can also examine other numbers that are significant to you--your birthdate, for instance. I'm not exactly an accomplished numerologist.   Frankly, I just can't bring myself to take it too seriously.  If you're intrigued, you can read more about it at your local library.

While I was doing just that, I ran across a book called Cosmic Keys by M. Blackerby.  I was advised to add up the numbers of my birthdate to get my birth number, which would tell me what paths I should be pursuing, what I was meant to do in life. I'm not going to share mine.  But I thought you might be interested in Peter's!

Peter's birthday is February 13, 1950.  So, 2+1+3+1+9+5+0=21. Two digit numbers are reduced by adding their digits, so 2+1=3.  The interpretaion of 3 is taken from Cosmic Keys:

You are ruled by Apollo.  You are a very creative person.  You are versatile, changeable, and restless.  Your social life is most important to you.  Many of your opportunities will come through people you meet and places you go.  You have bright and appealing ways and make friends easily.  You are often the center of attention.

You would be wise to keenly develop the art of conversation since many of the paths open to you involve communication and impression.  You are very aware of your physical appearance and care about how you look.  You would be happy in all the arts and the entertainment fields.  Communication in all forms is a natural for you.

You will have to face many responsibilities, but you can enjoy a busy social life.  There is a certain amount of traveling you must do.

Your talents are many and varied.  Choose a few and cultivate them.  Don't scatter yourself around too much.  Set certain goals for yourself and work on finishing one before starting another.  Your creative abilites are your best asset, and you should be working in an area that utilizes them.  Art, design, music, and social work are all favorable professions.  You could also do well in the medical field.  No matter which of the varied paths you choose to follow, your own strength, combined with the help of your friends, can push you to the top.

You can get a free numerology reading on the web. Check it out!  I also took a Love Test that uses a combination of astrology and numerology to determine your compatibility with the object of your affections.  And hot damn, it says Peter loves me!!  And he's slightly more compatible with me than my husband is!  Hmm, decisions, decisions.   Well, sorry, Peter, but a bird in the hand.... (Don't look at me like that, darling, you know I'm only joking).


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