Interactive Literary eXperiences

So what 's the highlight of Eve?  The IMX's of course.  Especially "In Your Eyes".  Pretty cool, huh?  No matter what you do, it sounds good.  Inspired by that (and by the free cut and paste scripts available at The JavascriptSource.  And that handy View Source command!) we decided to create the Church of Peter Gabriel ILX's.  Most people call them madlibs, but the word madlibs is owned by Penguin, so we'll be nice and not use it.

The ILX's require a browser capable of handling javascript in order to work.  If they don't work for you, copy and paste the list of words into an email, fill in the blanks, tell us which ILX you want, and we'll email you the results as soon as we can.  No, it's not as cool as having it pop right up, but it's better than wondering what it would be like if your browser could read the script.

In the Beginning

It is Real

Why He Left

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