I've deleted the email address out of ordinary politeness, but honestly, I don't think I was ever in any danger of giving away PG's private email account.  And somehow, I always thought English was Peter's first language.....

Subj: greetings!

Date: 12/9/99 12:31:37 AM Central Standard Time

From: xxxxxx. (Peter Gabriel)

To: churchofpg@aol.com


I'm Peter Gabriel :) You may or may not beleive it. I don't really care anymore. I was surfing around the web tonight and wondered on sites concerning myself and a little of Genesis. I stumble down your site. My church hahaha! I must say you have quite a site there!

You say you don't have any bad comments on your site... I have one...The picture... the picture you have from me on the top is awful! Please please delete that terrible picture of me :) Well no more time, got to go!

Best wishes and a happy new year to you,

Peter Gabriel.

P.S please don't give away this personnal email... its the only one I got that is very private :) But you may write to me back.

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